With Saffron for a Healthy Life !

How to fight against depression with Saffron!

Did you know that regular tea drinking or using saffron as spice, reach a state of happiness? This is due to the action of saffron that raises the level of serotonin in the brain and therefore it is used for the depression treatment.The ingredients of this plant, like crocin, safrinal, pirocrocin have anti-cancerous characteristics. Safflower has been also used in the treatment of atherosclerosis, arthritis, and asthma.


Saffron influences the immunity and strengthens the fight against migraines and dizziness. Although proven its strong medicinal properties it must be used only in small amounts because it can cause a condition of intoxication and even death!

It is used in food as a spice in dishes of fish, rice, vegetable stews. It has a strong smell and therefore it must be used only minor quantities like 1/4 tsp.


Saffron or red gold is the most precious spice in the world. Originate only from 3 corolla in the world of the saffron plant. To get 1/2 kg saffron you need 100,000 flowers. Saffron is a symbol of wealth and material and spiritual, symbol of wisdom. It was subject to sale by ancient traders for gold and in exchange, they received the same amount this spice. The Egyptian queen Cleopatra, who was well known for her beauty, also used it.