Why do We hate Fatty Food? Hate the Trans Fats!

Why do we hate fatty food? Hate the trans fats!
All life we try to avoid fats and food that contain fat, is this correct? Fats are one of the main ingredients that participate in the construction of the nerves, brain and hormones. 1/4 of the required caloric needs originate from fat. There are several types of fats and because of their variety; we have so many unknown facts about them.

omega 3 fat
Omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids are very beneficial for our body, brain and immune system, but people unknowingly avoid them with explanation that contains a lot of fat. Walnuts, salmon and anchovies, flax seeds and many other seeds are part of this group. They help in regulation of the bad and good cholesterol. Saturated fats are not responsible for heart disease. The main culprits for heart diseases are carbohydrates and not fats. The only thing that concerns them is that their quantity should not be higher than necessary.