Unbelievable !!! 7 kg. Less in 5 Days only !

If you’re short of time and your dress you should wear at the party next Saturday cannot be fastened, don’t  despair!

The solution is in front of you. Don’t waste your time but go directly to the green market!
In a big soup bowl put 1 kg of cabbage, 2 fresh peppers, 1 kg of celery, 0.5 kg of tomato puree, 6 medium onions, 1 cube for soup (either chicken or beef), salt, spices according to your taste.
Put all of this, cut into tiny pieces, in 2 litres of boiling water, for 10 minutes. Then, cook it at low temperature until the vegetable is done.
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You should eat the soup 7 days as a primary dish in unlimited quantities.

1st day: You can eat fruit, except for bananas and you can drink tea without sugar and water as much as you want.
2nd day: It’s the time for vegetables (except for green peas, lentils, green beans) and lots of soup during the whole day.
3rd day: Soup, fruit and vegetables throughout the day (you should have wasted already 2-3 kg).