Safety as a Factor in Massage Treatments

Massage therapy is largely regarded as a safe form of treatment for all sorts of disorders, from lumbar pain to aching shoulders. When conducted by a professional, all safety precautions are accounted for. Masseurs know how to pace the rate of the massage as well as which areas should be focused on or entirely avoided. Posturing is especially important during the process as improper orientation can injure certain patients, like a pregnant female. Face-forward posturing is potentially dangerous with expecting mothers because the excess weight in the uterus can compress nerves and veins in the spine not only leading to discomfort, but potential lapses in consciousness and other worrisome symptoms.


Although in the beginning stages of pregnancy this can be overcome by positioning a pillow near the lower back for some support, a side posture has become preferred as the expecting date approaches. The relaxing characteristics of massage are so tremendous that some patients even have a masseur in their delivery room on the day of their pregnancy. Regardless, most people choose to self-administer massage treatment with a massaging device.Massage Therapy

Although you are dealing with electrical instruments that don’t quite compete with an actual massage, you need to exercise some caution to keep from injuring yourself. When it comes to massage intensity, people have different tolerance levels and preferences. Taking advantage of your unit’s power right off the bat is senseless and may leave you over-stimulating the muscles. You should start treatment with the lowest speed selection available and slowly elevate the speed accordingly.

If you conducted the proper research before purchasing your device, you may have found that shiatsu massaging devices are synonymous with kneading action. If you don’t want an aggressive massage, choose an oscillating unit that simply vibrates.

Inflammation can be a major source of interference when trying to conduct a successful massage. It can lead to discomfort during stimulation because the swollen tissues are pressing against nerves and other sensitive internal components. Any area that you intend to treat with a massager should be first iced down for ten or fifteen minutes. If you feel the swelling slowly coming back, take a pause from the device and treat the area with some more ice. Once the swelling has gone down, you will have much more success in loosening the muscles up and thus eliminating any pain. Heat should only be applied once inflammation has permanently subsided.

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