How to Remove Bad Fats in The Blood?

With figs against fats in the blood !

Due to the fast lifestyle, increased fats in the blood are often one of the diseases of the modern human.The disease progresses with the thickening of the arteries, atherosclerosis, and contributions from other risk factors (smoking, alcohol, nicotine), unfortunately results in the most common cardiovascular illnesses which is the leading cause of death.
The only way of diagnosing the disease is through laboratory analysis.

If you want to protect yourself prepare this cure:
Prepare it in the evening and drink it in the morning. Take three dried figs, and pierced them well with toothpick from all sides, then placed them into a glass container in which you will put 2 ounces of homemade apple vinegar. If you were preparing them in evening at 20:00h, eat them in the morning at 08:00 am. Do not throw the rest of the vinegar, use it for the next night for another 3 figs prepared in the same manner.
This 2 dl of vinegar can be used in 7 days, most of the vinegar will be absorbed by fig. The eighth day take new 2 dl of vinegar, and repeat the process for another week.

Thus, the course of treatment lasts 14 days. With this recipe you adhere to a healthy diet, and physical activity is increased . After half a month of drinking, repeat again and see the efficacy of the cure.