How to Fight the Bacterium Listeria?

The bacterium Listeria causes the most dangerous complications for the pregnant women, small infants, people who fight against serious diseases and people with reduced immunity. The persons older than 65 years, patients with diabetes, all who use chemotherapy can experience serious complications during infection with Listeria.

You should avoid soft cheeses, feta, unpasteurized milk, processed meat, frankfurters, meat pastes and smoked seafood.
Introduce in your kitchen high standards in cooking.
Learn to wash thoroughly your hands before you start cooking.
Rewash all surfaces which the food was on with boiling water.

dangerous meat

Forget the kitchen towels, use paper napkins for one use. Take care that the liquid of the frankfurters does not get in touch the food. The frankfurters should be well cooked. Discard the opened pate and canned meat cuts,and do not store them in the refrigerator. They can infect other foods. The meat should be well cooked. Forget the bloody steak. Wash the vegetables and fruits as best as you can. This especially applies to the vegetables which usable parts grow in the ground.