Healthy Tips for High Pressure !

Healthy tips for high pressure

High pressure gives no specific symptoms, but if remain untreated can cause severe consequences for human health. It must be controlled. There are many tips that are good to know and to be applied in everyday life.

Healthful fruit

juice Apple

Three times a day to drink freshly squeezed apple juice. Also, use apple cider vinegar diluted in a glass of water, also three times a day.



Garlic has been known for healing properties, especially in lowering blood pressure. From garlic, you can make a number of tinctures that successfully deals with high pressure.



The daily diet should contain one hand raw, not roasted almonds that successfully controls blood pressure.

Hot pepper


Hot pepper is considered as drug that currently helps in lowering the pressure. Immediately after eating, hot peppers dilate blood vessels and reduce the pressure in the arteries.
I would like to prose you a good recipe: put some hot water in the glass and stir 2 teaspoons hot pepper, honey and Aloe Vera. And you will get one of the strongest domestic anti-hypertensive drugs.