Goodbye to The Big Belly!

Counting calories can save you from the belly fat that after strict diets is still attached as an integral part of the body. You do not eat too much and there is still no result.

belly fat

Secret to lose weight is connected with the regular and orderly mode of nutrition. People who sleep less hours are waking up tired. They are trying to be concentrated through the entire day. Therefore, they feed themselves with products that contain sugar, white flour, and sugary juices and consume industrial food, which has no quality nutrients and no industrial factory

To help yourself in order to get better sleep and in parallel lose weight, you have to consume:


Nuts also contain omega 3 fatty acids. They help for better quality of the sleep and in the same time they protect from diabetes, cancer and heart disease.


Fish is rich in omega 3 fatty acids. In the body where these acids are missing and because of poor nutrition the dream is not with a good quality.

fish meal


Cherries-best to eat before bed. They contain antioxidants that help in weight loss.



Milk is rich in calcium. Especially useful for women before menopause because it helps in losing fat.
Advice for good sleep bedtime drink a glass of warm milk, sweetened with honey.

milk benefits