Good Night for You Pinocchio and Your Little Liar!

Things men always lie about !

If women are very wise and careful with the lies, men’s are lying on a very transparent way. You get a feeling that you are living with Pinocchio.
They lie only to avoid a fight that will cost a lot at the end. That is not bad, because they are not able to identify where the edge of insults is. After that he will beg you, he will get you gifts, and he will shower you with gentle words. Therefore, men have learned that it is easier to deceive than to “sing “the truth that can be painful.

The biggest lie that men tells to their wives is:

- You are not fat! You are sweet, you have flesh, but I love you exactly for that!
This is not a bad lie. We asked this although we know the truth. Ask yourself the same instead of asking him, when you will sit down to lunch and you have no idea when is the time to stop with eating and drinking.