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Shanghai quality inspection institute hosted a seminar on valve flow resistance index and energy efficiency evaluation standard
Release time:2019-8-7

On June 28, 2019, the seminar on valve flow resistance index and energy efficiency evaluation standards was held in Shanghai energy efficiency center, the theme activity of "green development, energy conservation first" in 2019 national energy conservation week hosted by Shanghai quality inspection institute.


Experts on the conference, what inspection institute of Shanghai mechanical and electrical valve (check valve) flow resistance index and introduces the energy efficiency evaluation standard, the standard specifies the check valve commonly used energy efficiency rating, and test method for the energy-saving evaluation, designed to check valves, which are used in water system test, and flow resistance performance of the energy efficiency rating and evaluation method of stop valves, perfect the check index of pressure loss.This standard puts forward the concept of energy conservation of check valve energy efficiency grade and evaluation method, fills the gap in China's valve energy conservation index, will promote the adjustment of product structure, promote industrial technology progress, promote energy conservation and emission reduction products, and will lay a foundation for the future energy conservation and emission reduction of Shanghai water system.

Zhang juntao, deputy secretary general of China energy conservation association, pointed out at the meeting that valve energy conservation has always been the focus of industry attention, valve flow resistance index and energy efficiency evaluation is an important breakthrough in the field of valve energy conservation, he suggested that the participants and China energy conservation association work together to raise the standard to group standard.In addition, the fluid research institute of jiangsu university gives a detailed description of the fluid resistance analysis of valves. Representatives of major standard drafting units such as guanlong valve, taoning valve and middle valve holding introduced the significance of standard drafting and the development status of valves.

More than 30 representatives from China energy conservation association, Shanghai energy efficiency center, fluid research institute of jiangsu university, qizheng standard company and valve manufacturers attended the meeting.