Do You Want to be Slim? Why?

Do you want to be slim? Why?
Because there are too many obese people in the world, rarely who refers to a group of people who have less weight than normal. It is the disease which every eighth human on this planet suffers from – the malnutrition.

want to be slim

The reason may be bulimia, anorexia and some severe autoimmune diseases.
The damage from the rigorous diets can be very large. One kilogram more will not change much in the life. The dangers arising from the malnutrition are very large and cause health hazards:
Dementia - 36 % of the malnourished people have a greater chance of forgetfulness due to the lack of vitamins in the body.

Anemia - indicates a lack of iron in the blood. It is caused by improper diet when the body does not receive enough oxygen.