Do You Need Urgently Detoxification ?

The liver is storage for a bunch of different toxins that need to be removed with detoxification by natural methods to be able to perform all its functions.
The body is sending warnings that it contains a lot of poison and that detoxification is needed. The modern way of life is full of dangers that can harm the liver.
Pain in the stomach
Alcohol, smoking, unhealthy diet, stress, a large amount of drugs and other harmful impacts burden the liver so that it is unable to perform regular physiological functions (regulation of digestion, blood sugar and fat, protein production, neutralization of toxic substances and many others). As an organ, the liver has a large functional reserve, which means that it can compensate for the impact of harmful substances on the body for a longer period.
However, after a certain period can cause difficulties that are rarely associated with the disorder of the liver functions.
If you these next 10 describes things, you urgently need detoxification.
1. Pain below the scapula
2. Pain in the stomach after eating fatty foods
3. Shiny feces
4. Frequent nausea
5. Bright, pale feces
6. Pain over the eyes
7. Gallbladder attack
8. Bitter taste in the mouth after eating
9.  Chronic fatigue