Do You Know How to Say NO?

Do you know how to say no ?
just say no
In order to be good persons, servile to all, to prevent our close people to bear a grudge against us, we begin to resemble the characters from the fairy tales, we run to buy something that our close neighbour need, we go on vacation where our children want, we go out to the restaurants that our close friends choose...women angry .
It may take half a century, parents, family, teachers, good friends, colleagues or employees, neigh bour, customers, if you have such a job! So, the more affable you are, the more needs you will be asked to satisfy, because you are so sweet, so good....
Don’t fall into the trap of a benevolent old girl, with no obligations. Your time has a price, so start with short rejections for the requested services. Very soon everyone will know that you have finally shown your true face, that you are a bad girl, who has a reason to be alone, because she wants to enjoy the life, without helping her close people, who thought that all their life would rely on your back.
Enjoy evilness, it suits you well!