Do you have enough zinc in your body?

Many symptoms can bitter your life, not to know the reason. Check the condition of zinc in the blood might also be surprised. Maybe you have thinning hair, acne, hard healing wounds, weight loss, loss of appetite.

There is a downside, in a case of elevated zinc levels, the damage could be even greater.

Therefore, DO NOT take zinc on their own! Pharmacists can prescribe dietary supplements, in a case of lack of this important mineral in the diet, but why spoil chemistry "?

yogurt diet

There is food in which zinc is present enough, and the organism, better-tolerated foods rich in zinc, unlike supplements that cause difficulties for the digestive system of food.

Cereals are rich in zinc and therefore warmly recommend for breakfast.

All kinds of meat - beef, pork, chicken.

Milk and milk products, cheese, yoghurt and whole milk.

Pumpkin seeds, Indian walnuts, and almonds are a real solution to regulate the amount of zinc in the blood. Apart from zinc, these fruits are rich in omega-3 fatty acids and many minerals, especially magnesium. Therefore one hand these nuts a day is a real cure for your body.