Detox with Flax Seed !

Flax seed should be regularly consumed. It contains lots of vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and fiber. Excellent for cleaning the body of toxins and harmful substances, it rips blood pressure and reduces appetite.

Detox with flax seed tea

Besides helping in breakdown of the fat and contributes to weight reduction and cellulite.

Recipe for tea flax seed, which is used for detoxification and weight loss, cellulite:
- Three spoons of flax seed
- liter of boiling water
In the evening, pour the seed into boiling water and let stand overnight. In the morning, strain the drink and you will get a thick liquid.
Consuming :
Drink 150 milliliters of tea, three to four times a day half an hour before your meals. This tea should be consumed 10 days, and then make a pause of 10 days.
Regular drinking of this tea will make significant changes in their skin, which will be radiant, elastic, and healthy and toned. Moreover, what is even better, the skin wills not loss the elasticity after excess of weight.
Not recommended for people with liver problems and kidney stones.