Curcuma – Gold Powder that Cure many Diseases !

Curcuma - gold powder that cure many diseases!
There are at least 15 reasons why you need to use curcuma. It has been proven that curcuma has effect in the case of prostate cancer, breast cancer and melanoma, because it prevents the growth of tumors.

It is also used as a natural cleanser of the liver and slows the Alzheimer's disease. It is used for pain and healing of wounds. So, it has strong antiseptic and anticancer effects.  Healing effect comes from alkaloid curcuma, which is reach in vitamins B3 and B6, folic acid, potassium. Can be used alone or in a mixture with curry.

It can be added in savory and sweet dishes, the risotto, fruit salads, vegetable dishes, potatoes, salads, cakes. You should add only half a teaspoon at the end of cooking.
Curcuma tea is prepared whit one small teaspoon of curcuma poured with half a litter of boiling water. Boil it shortly, add the grated ginger, and boil the mixture again shortly. Drink it hot and sweetened. This tea is ideal in case of a cold and sore throat.
Curcuma drink is prepared when you add 1/2 tablespoon of curcuma together with small quantity of cumin and rock salt in 2-3 dl warm milk. Drink warm, and is an excellent remedy that soothes heavy cough.