Chinese Recipe for Energy, Healthy Skin and Shiny Hair !

Chinese recipe for energy, healthy skin and shiny hair !

Rice water that is always threw after the boiling contains a lot of health and cosmetic benefits.

rice water
Health benefits: provides energy for the body and successfully treats the gastroenteritis. Rise water regulates high blood pressure and body temperature, as well as constipation.
The cosmetic effect of rice water is well known because it can tone the facial skin and makes it softer. It shrinks the pores of the skin of the face. It provides shiny hair.
natural mask rice
Rice water is prepared as follows: pour the rise with bigger quantity of water and boil; it will result with real rice water.
Rice is rich in-group of B vitamins and they stimulate cell growth and inhibit the aging. This is achieved by face-mask, which is used 2-3 times a week.

Preparation: 2-3 tablespoons rice should be cooked in the usual way. Boiled rice should be rinsed with water and 1 tablespoon should be added and mixed with warm milk and 1-tablespoon of honey. The mask is applied to a clean face and neck. After half an hour you should carefully removed the mask from the face and clean the face with rise water. Regular use of rice water can help in the fight against elderly blemishes of the face. You need daily wash of your face with rice water. A person with such care quickly restores the freshness of the face, and you can return youthful glow!