Do you think the Eiffel Tower in France is the most photographed place or is it Empire State Building? No! appears with interesting data. This website ranks 15000 cities around the world according to pictures that make tourists and share among themselves.
Yes, New York is the first place, but the remarkable photographs were taken in the Guggenheim Museum.
They are rated as follow:
1. New York -Guggenheim Museum

guggenheim NY


We can peel oranges, carrots and beets as much as we want. We can make a photo of them on the table to be authentic, in order to be praised by Google! We can engage a professional cameraman with expensive equipment and make a video recording in front of him, but all of this is in vain after the following event.master of juicefoto by: Lence Petruseva Krzalovska.

While traveling through Istanbul I found a small kiosk with food and everything in it to eat and drink. On the central place it was standing a machine which you will think is 200 years old and they prepare 2 types of ​​juices by it: one from a pomegranate and the other one is a mixture of pomegranate with orange! ...continue reading


Vacation in Egypt, Cairo!

For all travel loafers wandering throughout the world Egypt is one destination that is certainly a must-see ... Cairo, the capital, exists since the time of the pharaohs; however, at that time it was a small village, and its present name in Arabic language means "The Winning City". At about ten kilometres away from Cairo is Giza, known for the three major pyramids: Cheops, Micerinus and Chephren pyramids, and nearby is the mysterious Sphinx. ...continue reading

Istanbul !
istanbulIstanbul, the city that connects Europe and Asia, the bridge between East and West, embraces you with its fragrances and sea air and you are forever in its soul. Once being there, everyone comes back regularly again, because he feels like being at home! In the streets they give you cookies to try, and they are always polite and smiling! ...continue reading

Provense ,  valley of sunflowers and lavender fields, endless vineyards, spiced with an odour of aromatic oils and smell of French food.


...continue reading

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If you are in doubt what you want from the life, visit Paris for the weekend, discover the city and you will know what world you live in.

Paris, the City of Light, invites you to love long walks in the Versailles gardens and the famous Versailles Palace, the last residence of the French kings.
versailles garden
Visit the Louvre, the richest museum in the world, wink at Mona Lisa and apologize because you are in a hurry.
the louvre museum

...continue reading

Venice gondola

Thousands of couples from around the world in February participate in the Venetian masquerade ball which takes place all over the city. Thousands of people in costumes parade through the city wanting to experience the beauty of the past.  ...continue reading