A glass of red wine after a hard day makes many people happy. Pinot, Cabernet, Merlot or some other type - the list is quite long and for some, quite expensive.

red wine

We all know that there is a line between pleasure in a glass of wine and the consequences brought about by alcoholism, but where to draws the line. After the second, third or what glasses? Do you drink "regularly"? Science can offer you all the answers you need. ...continue reading

In order to increase bone density and prevent the disruption of possible fractures it is necessary to change your diet and introduce exercise as a daily ritual...
Osteoporosis Risk Factors
Osteoporosis is a disease in which the natural treatment can provide good results and increase the quality and density of the bones. This disease can cause a gradual thinning and weakening of the once strong bones, which become more susceptible to fractures. ...continue reading

Nobody likes to have a big belly, but except that does not look sexy, fat on the belly can actually endanger your health. The fat can put pressure on the pancreas, and numerous studies have shown that people who have deposits on the stomach have a higher risk for a heart attack. So go through the article and see which foods will surely cause you to have the stomach.


Refined Sugar

Consumption of refined sugar can cause jumps of the blood sugar, this leads to accumulation of fat. Sugar also affects the immune system, and the human body wants to defend against bacteria and infection. So, not only that is unhealthy, but have proven results in the accumulation of fat around the abdomen. ...continue reading

Health, diet, ideal weight.... Every day the same song, at least for me. Half day is according to the plan, fruits, salads, healthy supplements to the end of the working day.
Then fiasco follows red meat, alcohol, sodas, cookies for dessert with coffee and cream with sugar....
I was skeptical for products that would immediately help you to lose weight, but not anymore!

detox diet
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To combat anemia there are numerous Grandmas recipes. They are easy to prepare, healthy and have no drawbacks.
Standing fatigue, sadness, difficulties in concentrating, all this would disappear after eating this old remedy.
grandma's recipe
Necessary ingredients are:
2 lemons strained with seeds, 200 ml of carrot juice, 200 ml grape juice, 200 grams nuts, 200 grams of raisins, 200 grams of honey. All ingredients should be mixed. The resulting quantity is kept in a glass jar. One big spoon should be consumed 3 times per day, independent of meals.

Enjoy in a delicious remedy that will save you from anemia naturally!

How to live longer? We all want to live longer and to look forever young. We know almost all, what is necessary for healthy life. The rules, which are familiar to all of us, are many vegetables and fruits, fish rich in omega 3, quality sleep, eliminating bad habits such as drinking and smoking... However, that is not all! There are activities that are proven in prolongation of our lives.


27% of the Americans are volunteers. Helping others and work on a voluntary basis brings great benefit to the volunteer. Volunteers have a 20% lower mortality, milder degrees of depression and major life joy. ...continue reading