Your hair is hint for your health! Are you satisfied with your hair?Is your hair making you crazy on a daily base? Maybe your hairdresser is guilty. He will say that it is because of the hormones and food. Who has right, you or him?

Organic Color

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Take a pill! Why?When someone has a headache, everyone says: Take a pill!
In our handbags we carry pills against headache and we take them regularly like vitamins. I take a pill after a stormy night with lots of alcohol and lack of sleep. We take pills when our boss leaves us waiting in front of the door of his office, while he is drinking coffee inside. ...continue reading

The 21st century has been created for us women. You can live fast, fast, faster ...
You can enjoy many, many, mostly .....
You can be the First - everywhere!
Sometimes the life will show to you in the best light, you will begin to live in a world of stories.
Everything will be like in the most beautiful dream, royal life, marriage, child.

valentines day

I want everything to be perfect on this day, but is it going to be so?

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The designers of Valentino, Maria Grazia  and Pierpaolo Piccioli, prepared 55 fashion designs inspired by 55 operas. The opening was in the Verdi's La Traviata and a gown in the color of parchment and embroidered with a black thread. ''
Valentino 2014
The idea was to present the protagonists of the operas in an original way”, said the designers - a true invasion of wildlife, swan, elephant, gorilla with its baby, not painted, but embedded in the fabrics of the Kashmiri materials, a satin tiger etc.