Adele told the trick with which she lost weight.
She stopped drinking tea and losing weight !
Singer Adele has always fought a battle with overweight and she always said that she feels great in her own skin, and that there is no need to lose weight.

adele 1


However, it seems that after her delivery she decided to put herself on a diet and she succeed to loose tens of kilograms. Although she had never talked in public about the details of her diet, this time she decided to share a trick with which she lost a considerable amount of weight. She admitted that she is not consuming tea with sugar and then it just started losing weight.
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This diet is the right choice for all those who have decided to end the industrial food full with additives. Perhaps because of the lack of inspiration in constant inventing new kinds of diets and ways of detoxification, a new trend diet is invented: gluten free diet for healthy people who do not suffer from Celia disease or gluten sensitivity.
Gwyneth Paltrow, Oprah Winfrey and Donna Karan are just some of the celebrities who are occasionally switching to this type of food because they want to detoxify the body, restore the energy or reduce body weight. ...continue reading

The love story that began in 1991 while they were driving his scooter still runs.
“Corinna is my inspiration, she keeps me young and fit”, these are the words of the seven-time Formula 1 champion, Michael Schumacher.
Corina and Michael
A happy marriage, two children ... Everybody knows that he nearly fainted out of excitement when their daughter Gina Maria was born. Since 2008 they live on the property beside the Geneva Lake in a luxurious house, with a special room for his trophies, a garage for 29 cars, a private port, helidrom. For the tenth anniversary of their marriage Michael gave her a CS ranch, where Corinna breeds horses and gets trained in the western riding discipline. In 2010 she became a European champion in this sport. On the ranch they have 40 high quality horses, each worth at least 100,000 euros and they feed them with hay imported from Italy. On the ranch they have a private arena to hold competitions with stands for 1400 spectators. ...continue reading

The 21st century has been created for us women. You can live fast, fast, faster ...
You can enjoy many, many, mostly .....
You can be the First - everywhere!
Sometimes the life will show to you in the best light, you will begin to live in a world of stories.
Everything will be like in the most beautiful dream, royal life, marriage, child.

valentines day

I want everything to be perfect on this day, but is it going to be so?

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He is very affectionate, frisky and so much famous. Although known as the co-founder of Kiss, in his youth he was successful in everything he was engaged in: fashion, publishing and even acting until 2012 in the realityshow TV Show Gene Simmons Family Jewels.

Raised only by his mother, he always manages to show love for his partner and his children, without reservation. In his case it shows in every action in the life, watching him in the the events of humanitarian nature, in private life

kiss Gene Simmons

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The designers of Valentino, Maria Grazia  and Pierpaolo Piccioli, prepared 55 fashion designs inspired by 55 operas. The opening was in the Verdi's La Traviata and a gown in the color of parchment and embroidered with a black thread. ''
Valentino 2014
The idea was to present the protagonists of the operas in an original way”, said the designers - a true invasion of wildlife, swan, elephant, gorilla with its baby, not painted, but embedded in the fabrics of the Kashmiri materials, a satin tiger etc.