Adele Stopped Drinking Tea and Losing Weight !

Adele told the trick with which she lost weight.
She stopped drinking tea and losing weight !
Singer Adele has always fought a battle with overweight and she always said that she feels great in her own skin, and that there is no need to lose weight.

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However, it seems that after her delivery she decided to put herself on a diet and she succeed to loose tens of kilograms. Although she had never talked in public about the details of her diet, this time she decided to share a trick with which she lost a considerable amount of weight. She admitted that she is not consuming tea with sugar and then it just started losing weight.
She said she had a days to drink up to ten cups of tea, and in each she used to place about two teaspoons of sugar. She admitted that only from tea she ingested 20 teaspoons of sugar a day. Now, she is not drinking tea at all and she feels great with a lot of energy because  due to an overdose of sugar previously felt tired. Adele said that after rejection of tea in her daily diet she just started to lose weight which is no surprise considering that amount of sugar that is ingested before. Besides the rejection of sugar, Adele admitted that lately she pays a little more attention to diet, and started going to the gym, therefore we congratulate her new healthy habits.