8 Hour Diet Plan for Weight Loss !

Eight hour diet plan for weight loss mentioned in the “Eight Hour diet - watch the pounds disappear, while eating what you want," published by authors David Zinczenko and Peter Moore, and that became a big hit.

The authors of the book promise that with the application of these diets can lose weight while eating anything you like.
The only rule of this diet is that it can be eaten only in a certain period of time - and out of that time period - no food!
Otherwise, this concept is nothing new, and so far there are more diets that recommended changes in the fast and normal diet. This diet is based on the theory that the human body is designed for the period of extensive feeding and then periods of fasting/without consuming any kind food.
According to the authors,ideal 8 hours of consuming the food is from 9-17 hours, and the remaining 16 hours, or from 17 to 09 is the period of fasting. You can also choose the time period for the introduction of products from 08-16 hours to 10-18 hours, but most important is that in this period you enter all the planned daily quantity of calories. During the period of fasting the body is focused on recovery and rest from digestion of food.
Unlike other diets here are a variety of snacks are allowed, but if you are planning a large amount of chips, rather switch to nuts – they are healthier for the body! General recommendations apply here - it is always better to consume more natural foods, and to reduce the industrially produced.
Diet has been tested by several persons and the result was loosing at least 2 kilos within 5 days.