7 Foods High in Zinc for Good Health !

Why do you need zinc?

Pay attention to the food you consume, whether it contains enough zinc. Although zinc is needed in very small amounts, its deficiency in the body can have disastrous consequences for your health.

Why do you need zinc

The bad fast food does not entail the right amount of vitamins and minerals in your diet ,because you need to enter the following products daily:

almonds, nuts, beans, wheat, pumpkin, spinach, peas .

almonds, walnuts and brazil nuts

Zinc helps in the creation of white blood cells in the blood. Its permanent deficiency can cause various types of cancer. Zinc helps in blood recovery. Lack of zinc is associated with the occurrence of breast, ovarian and intestine cancer.

A lack of zinc in the body could cause abrupt weakening, dry and rough skin, proneness to colds and infections that should be treated longer. Lack of concentration, poor memory, infertility in both sexes is also a sign of a lack of zinc in the diet.