5 Days on Grapefruits and You are 4 kg Lighter!

If time is short, grapefruits diet is ideal for you. The result is fast and you can survive 5 days without breaking a few rules for sure.Eat one grapefruit without adding sugar for breakfast. During lunch and dinner, drink 150 ml grapefruit juice. Grapefruit can be added in the salads as well.
GrapefruitThe most important rule is that total amount of food during the day must not exceed 800 calories. Grapefruits are rich with vitamin C, which successfully can accelerate the metabolism and regulate your blood sugar.
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Caloric value during the day is a small, but can endure, because it refers only to 5 days. It is the best if you start a diet at the end of the week, to make it easier to survive the hunger. Top of the diet is that you can have a cocktail made ​​of gin or vodka with juice from grapefruits and several ice cubes.