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Fast weight loss in the short term: Express diet - 2 kg in 3 days
Keep this diet only 3 days (72 hours) - each hold over this period is counter-productive!


Easy Express diet is one of the "quick diets".
Designed to diet fans, you do not feel hunger and the "prize" is 2 kilograms in just three days. The reason for this rapid weight loss is a combination of foods that quickly gives a feeling of fullness, even in conditions of reduced food intake. ...continue reading

The American diet a fast reduction of fats gained with consumption of food rich in protein and fat, and if you follow the instructions properly, you can lose six pounds in five days.
It is necessary in your diet to have sour, spicy and salty. Diet is consisted of fish, eggs and meat, fruits and vegetables are allowed to be consumed as well.
medallions with green beansSweets and foods rich in carbohydrates are strictly prohibited.
Start in the morning: Breakfast with oat flakes pure the intestines and rejuvenates the skin.
In this diet you should use cold-pressed oils, drink at least two liters of water per day (without sodium and chlorine) or herbal teas.

...continue reading

With figs against fats in the blood !

Due to the fast lifestyle, increased fats in the blood are often one of the diseases of the modern human.The disease progresses with the thickening of the arteries, atherosclerosis, and contributions from other risk factors (smoking, alcohol, nicotine), unfortunately results in the most common cardiovascular illnesses which is the leading cause of death.
The only way of diagnosing the disease is through laboratory analysis. ...continue reading

Detoxification of the body by the Dr. İbrahim Adnan SARAÇOĞLU - healthier skin and body with the help of new methods .
Strengthen your immune system and lose a few pounds with the help of the method presented by famous Turkish chemist and microbiologist Dr. İbrahim Adnan SARAÇOĞLU .
This method of detoxifying the body breaks down the fat (especially around the liver), reduces appetite, and has diuretic, anti-viral and anti-fungal properties. Allows you to download a few extra pounds, strengthens the immune system, cleans, "dissolves" kidney stones in the gallbladder, and rejuvenates the skin. ...continue reading

Detoxification of the liver with the help of two ingredients.

The liver is one of the most important organs, and its damage can significantly affect the health, and longevity.
We usually affect the liver ourselves.
olive oil
Eating unhealthy food, avoiding physical activity, consumption of alcohol and cigarettes is harmful by the body. The liver plays an important role as a body that "restores" the blood so the body that stimulates digestion. The liver also purifies the blood and removes waste products from the bloodstream. ...continue reading