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Cheap and efficient: the best home-made anti-wrinkle cream !
This home-made cream is an excellent tool for skin - moisturises, evens the complexion, reduces wrinkles and aging skin.
anti age cream
The main advantage of this domestic creams are natural ingredients and safety. Suitable for all skin types and the results are visible in 7 days. Those who respectfully treat your skin, you will certainly love this cream! ...continue reading

You've  notice that your fingers are often swollen, but do not know why this is happening? We bring you a list of the main causes of swelling which will help you if you need to see a doctor about it or it is a problem that you can solve alone.

swollen finger


Blood vessels are spreading because of high temperatures and resultant fluid in the body enters the soft tissue and causes swelling.

This type of swelling usually disappears as soon as you start doing something with his hands. However, if you notice that it does not disappear and is accompanied with a feeling of pain or weakened grip - see your doctor to check whether there is a medical problem that must be solved. ...continue reading