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What actually eat handsome women and say that they are not hungry?

These are the top 5 foods that are used by women that do not know what diet is.

slim women
Do you want you to forget the heavy excruciating diets? Read the following 10 sentences and you will be one of them!

Dairy products

this is confirmed by science. Testing is done to more than 7000 women and their food habits are examined. Women during one day will consume at least twice a day dairy products have 37% less likely to turn into obese women. The calcium in milk helps in the metabolism of fat. ...continue reading

Replace your cup of coffee with matcha and think of it as the "healthy espresso of green tea,". Matcha is powdered form of steamed and dried green tea leaves that has been used in Japanese tea ceremonies for centuries, it tastes like a grassier.
It can boost your metabolism, and stop the growth of new fat cells. Drinking healthy matcha may just be a wise weight-loss decision. ...continue reading

If you think that is the right moment to start with diet, here is a simple drink of tomato that will start your metabolism.

tomato juice
If you have long been planning to return to your ideal weight, this is the perfect recipe for you! These are ingredients that will speed up your metabolism, clean the body of toxins and excess fats that have accumulated in the body. ...continue reading

Do you know the latest discovery about lemon? Lemon ingredients prevent the growth of cancer cells, especially breast cancer. Doctors recommendс taking complete usage of lemon, especially organic lemon and their recommendation is daily consumption.
The only thing that you need to do is a good wash of organic lemon and put in a deep freeze. Frozen lemon should be grater in all meals, soups, salads and juices. His taste will completely overwhelm you and will remind you of the importance for healthy life. So, do not throw away the lemon skin because it contains 5-10 times more vitamins than the juice. ...continue reading

Cabbage juice is cure number one in modern life. Its use should become our daily habit and these are the reasons:
Although cabbage is present in the diet, its juice is especially recommended in fight against gastritis, for treatment of stomach, healthy weight loss....

Cabbage juice

The juice can be made very simple: half a cabbage in a juicer and juice mixed with 100 ml of water. Drink it when is fresh, it is best 15 minutes before the meal. ...continue reading

You feel swollen! Try these tips!
If the swollen face, stomach and joints last more than a week, go to the doctor. This is especially dangerous condition if you have heart problems. Until then, listen to some of the following tips:

Tea dandelion or parsley

dandelion tea
Their consumption stimulates the secretion of fluid from the body. However, do not overdo it. Daily you should drink two to four cups of tea of dandelion and parsley.  After cooking tea should be drained and cooled. ...continue reading

Why is it good to drink juice of ginger? This juice has analgesic effects on bone pain, originated form stiffness, rheumatism and arthritis.
ginger juice soda

The juice has a mild sedative effect, reduces anxiety, and regulates the rhythm of sleep. Reserves the disposal of fluids and thereby positively affects the kidneys and urinary tract. Reduces asthmatic attacks and improves circulation in the body. Decomposes excess fat in the body and helps in healthy weight loss. ...continue reading