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How to protect your health with green tea?
Ideal tea for speeding up the metabolism and burning of the weight (complete recipe)!
The whole world recognizes the green tea as the perfect beverage for many pains.
green tea with mint
Perhaps you have tried, but you do not like the taste, so it is storage in tea box at home. If you only look the tea on the shelves, it will not help you. So, take 5 minutes of your life and read this article, it is a helpful tip! ...continue reading

Did you know that there is a food, which consume more calories to digest than it contains?


Products with negative calories can stimulate your metabolism and lead you to faster energy expenditure. This kind of food contains a lot of water and it is recommendable is to be eaten in large quantities. Such foods have very low glycated index and does not increase the sugar in the blood, does not allow deposition of the fat, it accelerate your metabolism, it removes unnecessary water from the organism. It is recommended to be consumed in large quantities during the day, 2-3 kg. It is recommended to use whole foods, not just their juice and normal they must be fresh. ...continue reading

We all we want honey, because of its mild flavor. We use it as food, while in fact it is ideal solution for many health problems. Honey is helpful for the caught especially on the season of flue and cold.  One spoonful of honey before bed seems much better than cough medicine. World Health Organization put honey on a list of liquids that enhance suppression of irritation in the throat.

Raw Honey
...continue reading

What you should know about proteins?

Meatless meals are built around vegetables, beans and grains instead of meat, which tends to be more expensive and plant-based diets may reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease. There probably isn't a vegetarian on the planet who hasn't been asked "Are you getting enough protein?"


If you take a trip back to your old science class, you might remember that protein is made up of smaller components called amino acids, 12 of which are manufactured by the human body. Another nine, called essential amino acids, must be obtained from food.   What is more important is that consumption of protein is very important for the health, but we also don’t need every essential amino acid in every bite of food in every meal they eat; we only need a sufficient amount of each amino acid every day. There are so many protein-packed vegetarian options! ...continue reading

Why you must eat mushrooms?
If you eat mushrooms every day, the risk of cancer is reduced by 64%, says Journal of Cancer. Healthy effect of the mushrooms will be strengthened especially if they are drink with green tea. Mushrooms are favorite product and they are great because they of very healthy effects.

Portobello mushrooms

Why you should consume mushrooms, it can be reduced to five reasons, which of course will be included in the daily menu. ...continue reading

Chinese recipe for energy, healthy skin and shiny hair !

Rice water that is always threw after the boiling contains a lot of health and cosmetic benefits.

rice water
Health benefits: provides energy for the body and successfully treats the gastroenteritis. Rise water regulates high blood pressure and body temperature, as well as constipation. ...continue reading

Are you sleeping long enough, do you have quality dream? Your heart wants to 'sleep'. While resting, cardiovascular system is resting too. Whenever you feel the need to take a break, take it. Brief naps can help the heart to rest, although it is only 20 minutes or so.
healthy heart
For healthy hart, only 30 minutes recreation or any kind of sports is enough. Usually walking, cycling, fitness can contribute to the greater amount of oxygen input in the body and strengthen the heart. If you exercise 40 minutes of aerobic sports like swimming, cycling you can decrease the cholesterol in the blood. ...continue reading