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Health, diet, ideal weight.... Every day the same song, at least for me. Half day is according to the plan, fruits, salads, healthy supplements to the end of the working day.
Then fiasco follows red meat, alcohol, sodas, cookies for dessert with coffee and cream with sugar....
I was skeptical for products that would immediately help you to lose weight, but not anymore!

detox diet
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Help yourself when you have a headache !

Headache is a constant companion to some people, and some rarely encountered. It is not necessary in the occurrence of headache to run immediately to the pharmacy after pill. Try some of the following foods that could help you.

migraine headache

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Is canned tuna healthy?

tuna salad

There are products for which you think that you can guarantee that are healthy but they are not. Using the following information, check where the mistake is .
Canned tuna
Be very careful with the eaten quantities, this fish is contaminated with mercury. It can lead to problems with vision and hearing and it can cause lack of coordination. Five cans a week is the maximum number or replace it with another fish. ...continue reading

white breadDo You think that White Bread is the only Reason for Your Obesity?

Do you start your day with coffee with sugar, whipped cream, and maybe ice cream ball inside? You are deluding yourself that you are not eating breakfast and the damage will not be great. Supplements in the coffee are transforming the coffee in real energy bomb. Therefore, it may be better to eat breakfast, because this kind of coffee contains more calories than the average breakfast.

Do you eat salted crackers with cheese instead of breakfast? Except that they will be eaten in one breath and will add you calories, does not contain any useful ingredient, and form a real energy bomb. ...continue reading

Why diet soda is disastrous for your health?
Of course, you worry about your health. However, did you know that diet soda is among the products that have zero beneficial ingredients inside? There is nothing useful, and the damage could be very large.
diet soda
There are many reasons to forget your diet soda, and here are the most important:
Prematurely skin aging, loses elasticity, acts tired and lifeless. Regular drinking soda reduces your pH, and can cause acne and tired look. ...continue reading

Healthy shake with oatmeal !
Vegetable oat milk can be easily prepared. For this healthy shake, you need 50 gr. oat flakes, grind in a blender.
oat milk
You can add fructose and 50 gr. coconut flour. Add sesame seeds, which is the largest source of calcium in nature. All ingredients should be grinned in a blender.
In the grinned mixture add 1 liter of water and stir well. Finally, you can add cinnamon and ground flax-seed if you want. Shake will be enriched with desired fruit, banana or red fruit. Stir all together and you get a very healthy shake that is recommended for children and adults! ...continue reading