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To combat anemia there are numerous Grandmas recipes. They are easy to prepare, healthy and have no drawbacks.
Standing fatigue, sadness, difficulties in concentrating, all this would disappear after eating this old remedy.
grandma's recipe
Necessary ingredients are:
2 lemons strained with seeds, 200 ml of carrot juice, 200 ml grape juice, 200 grams nuts, 200 grams of raisins, 200 grams of honey. All ingredients should be mixed. The resulting quantity is kept in a glass jar. One big spoon should be consumed 3 times per day, independent of meals.

Enjoy in a delicious remedy that will save you from anemia naturally!

How to live longer? We all want to live longer and to look forever young. We know almost all, what is necessary for healthy life. The rules, which are familiar to all of us, are many vegetables and fruits, fish rich in omega 3, quality sleep, eliminating bad habits such as drinking and smoking... However, that is not all! There are activities that are proven in prolongation of our lives.


27% of the Americans are volunteers. Helping others and work on a voluntary basis brings great benefit to the volunteer. Volunteers have a 20% lower mortality, milder degrees of depression and major life joy. ...continue reading

The kidneys work non stop and we don’t pay attention to them.
They remove about two litres of waste products and  excess water from the body of an adult person through the urine.  They are mostly damaged by: salt, genetically modified food, cigarettes, coffee, sweeteners, red…..
It is necessary to drink more water and the following drink:
Mix in a blender a banana, a cup of water, a kiwi, a handful of nuts, a half tablespoon of parsley and finally add juice of half a lemon.

It helps in cleansing the kidneys and kidney channels. It is best to drink it in the morning.

The latest human stupidity – dependence on sun tanning in solarium!

Do you also belong to the group of new addicts? The latest addiction is called Tanorexia .
It means dependence on sun tanning and artificial tanning in a solarium.
...continue reading

Have you ever drunk juice of wheat grass?
Do you know how to grow young green wheat?

juice  with young  green  wheat  and  apple
The young green wheat treats both body and mind and it is known as an elixir of life.
It is easy to grow. You need wheat that is ecologically clean and healthy compost. Put in a plastic container the compost and the wheat on the top. Pour some water, cover it with a lid and place it near a window, on sunlight. ...continue reading

Counting calories can save you from the belly fat that after strict diets is still attached as an integral part of the body. You do not eat too much and there is still no result.

belly fat

Secret to lose weight is connected with the regular and orderly mode of nutrition. People who sleep less hours are waking up tired. They are trying to be concentrated through the entire day. Therefore, they feed themselves with products that contain sugar, white flour, and sugary juices and consume industrial food, which has no quality nutrients and no vitamins. ...continue reading