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How you can activate your metabolism?

When getting older, women's metabolism slows down, muscle mass is already lost, hormones are providing you unforgettable play with your body and then at 40 you will realize that you gradually sticking more and more kilograms, that can not be removed. Reasons for this are the following:
foods that boost your metabolism

Maybe you do not eat enough. In this case, your body is stopping the metabolism, and will start to waste the muscle mass. You are hungry and weight is still stuck to your body! Therefore, every 3 hours you have to eat between meals, in order to provide you organism with constant flow of burning calories. ...continue reading

Why do we hate fatty food? Hate the trans fats!
All life we try to avoid fats and food that contain fat, is this correct? Fats are one of the main ingredients that participate in the construction of the nerves, brain and hormones. 1/4 of the required caloric needs originate from fat. There are several types of fats and because of their variety; we have so many unknown facts about them.

omega 3 fat
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We are always selecting rigorous diets and other similar nonsense that last for 5 days in order to get rid of 7 kg. Mediterranean diet is actually a diet established on Mediterranean islands. The link between this diet and longevity, reduced risk of heart disease and cancer are already proven. What is it that, which makes Mediterranean, healthier region from other areas of the world? That means instead of pork and processed meat, eat fish and vegetable protein (nuts, almonds and dried fruit).
Dried Fruit Salad
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Summer is knocking on the front door. Will you buy one -size bigger clothes, or you will try all fake chemical meals, the decision is yours. There is a recipe for weight loss used and prepared by our grandmothers, and we certainly have confidence in them.  There is no damage from that drink. Drink it and satisfaction will be yours!
Lemon Juice
In a bowl with boiling water put grated lemon skin, 1 cup apple cider vinegar, 1 tablespoon ground pepper.Lemon juice quickly dissolves fat. Ground peppers contain an ingredient capsaicin, which speeds up the metabolism. The apple cider vinegar helps in decomposition and consumption of fat. Drink after each meal well mixed juice. The results will be quickly visible.

Why do women lie so cute?
Women lies could be count on one hand, these lies are not harmful and belong to the so-called white lies. The most famous lie refers to the secret internet history on their FB wall. There you will find friends from all over the world, juicy and explicit messages that can raise your ego and as I told, these lies are not dangerous at all.
Do women lie more or less than men?
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When you will read the article you will be very surprised by the facts what is exciting for men’s, and you are not aware.
Men like women while exercising. If you think that sweated woman body during exercise and tousled hair will reduce the attraction, you are wrong. Men love to watch women while exercising. They adore woman’s who take care of their body.

beautiful woman

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While you are sitting in your office and you are thinking when the right moment to start with exercise is, do not worry that you have no time. You can start immediately and the results will be visible in 15 days.

Woman in an office
Even when you sit all day long, you can burn some calories. Lift the knee under the table. Lift your legs alternately, a few inches back and forth; it will be beneficial for muscles, and stretching. ...continue reading

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More than ¾ from the people drinks coffee. More than ½ drinks coffee on a daily base, some of them only one, some of them more during the whole day. Coffee is consisted of more than 25 herbs originated from the plantages in Africa more precisely Ethiopia. Coffee is a member of the Rubiaceae family, which includes more than 6,000 species of tropical trees and shrubs, in particular genus Gardenia.

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How it happen that 1 from 3 Americans are over waited?
Is it that difficult and complicated to make order in the nutrition and life? What are the biggest mistakes made by fat and ugly people?
american  fat people

Cosmetic tortures like face treatments, depilation, pedicure, manicure and hairdressing with hot drying are not difficult for us! We can endure almost everything except the hunger that cannot be even felt in the initial stadium. We are eating even before we feel the hunger. We are eating everything what is enjoyable for our eyes and this is the main mistake. ...continue reading