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The best detox diet with a maple syrup and lemon!

A quick weight loss with maple syrup and lemon is a rapid detoxification of the organism. This is among the 5 best diets in the world. It is also known as the Beyonce’s  diet, because it helped the world celebrity lose her weight. This happened at the time when she was supposed to be 10 kilos slimmer in just ten days and she succeeded !
weight loss maple Syrup

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With food against sterility. How?This month nothing, too! And you expected so much and you hoped for a positive pregnancy test result.
Here are several tips that really help, and you did not know you knew them:
Do you have an ideal weight, or at least close to the ideal? The studies show that the insufficient weight causes a hormonal imbalance in the body. The consequence of this is a irregular menstrual cycle and absence of ovulation . Several kilograms plus provide a greater opportunity for pregnancy. ...continue reading

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Do you want to be slim? Why?
Because there are too many obese people in the world, rarely who refers to a group of people who have less weight than normal. It is the disease which every eighth human on this planet suffers from – the malnutrition.

want to be slim

The reason may be bulimia, anorexia and some severe autoimmune diseases.
The damage from the rigorous diets can be very large. One kilogram more will not change much in the life. The dangers arising from the malnutrition are very large and cause health hazards:
Dementia - 36 % of the malnourished people have a greater chance of forgetfulness due to the lack of vitamins in the body. ...continue reading

Take a pill! Why?When someone has a headache, everyone says: Take a pill!
In our handbags we carry pills against headache and we take them regularly like vitamins. I take a pill after a stormy night with lots of alcohol and lack of sleep. We take pills when our boss leaves us waiting in front of the door of his office, while he is drinking coffee inside. ...continue reading

The winter months are over, the spring arrives and we feel so much tired. Why? The heavy winter food, moving too little, sitting indoors made us feel tired, apathetic.

tired woman
The solution is very close to us –to eat seasonal vegetables,  which cleanses the body of toxins.
This group includes: lettuce, spinach, young garlic and onion, nettle. At the same time, we should not forget the vegetables that can be found over the year: carrots, leeks, onions and garlic.

mix of vegetables
The young onion is recommended for cleansing the body of toxins, and it is rich in K, P, Ca and B vitamin. It is very useful for the heart muscle and it reduces the level of sugar in the blood.
The lettuce is rich in minerals and vitamins, much K vitamin. It helps in maintaining the water balance in the body, the health of the kidneys, it is digested easily, and its energy value is very small.


We can peel oranges, carrots and beets as much as we want. We can make a photo of them on the table to be authentic, in order to be praised by Google! We can engage a professional cameraman with expensive equipment and make a video recording in front of him, but all of this is in vain after the following event.master of juicefoto by: Lence Petruseva Krzalovska.

While traveling through Istanbul I found a small kiosk with food and everything in it to eat and drink. On the central place it was standing a machine which you will think is 200 years old and they prepare 2 types of ​​juices by it: one from a pomegranate and the other one is a mixture of pomegranate with orange! ...continue reading


Due to staying indoors, our immunity weakened and we welcomed the spring squeezed like a sponge. When we talk about the vitamins we constantly talk about the vitamins C, B and we completely forget about the D vitamin. The D vitamin requires from us to expose ourselves to sun without protection 10 to 15 minutes a day in order to provoke reactions in our body that positively affect us.
The lack of D vitamin is considered one of the key factors in preventing many diseases such as cancer, osteoporosis, Alzheimer's disease, multiple sclerosis... ...continue reading

That we live very fast and work on multiple fields simultaneously, it is not a secret . At work and at home, communicating with others errors occur and unresolved problems and situations are born.
At one point our cultural behavior may collapse and the trouble is here before us ...

The advices on healthy living are very simple, but you need to follow and practice them.
Do deep breathing exercises! Slowly exhale the air and try to breathe slowly!
Meditate! It’s actually a loneliness of few minutes when you are the lord of your thoughts and you let them take you where you want them to. ...continue reading

Hello, we are having lunch at the moment, but it’s not important, we can talk, it doesn't matter!
 with smartphone with smartphoneIs this right?
The Smart phone is everywhere with us: on the dining table and in the bedroom and at work and when takerest, but is it right? There are studies showing that the phone should not sleep with us in the bedroom, close to the head or under the pillow! ...continue reading


Vacation in Egypt, Cairo!

For all travel loafers wandering throughout the world Egypt is one destination that is certainly a must-see ... Cairo, the capital, exists since the time of the pharaohs; however, at that time it was a small village, and its present name in Arabic language means "The Winning City". At about ten kilometres away from Cairo is Giza, known for the three major pyramids: Cheops, Micerinus and Chephren pyramids, and nearby is the mysterious Sphinx. ...continue reading