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Do you live smartly ? When we are 20 or 30 years old, we don’t want to think about retirement, we are young! Who will think about the distant future and old age?

woman marketing
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While we are children, our mother’s hands feed us with meals that are the most delicious in the world. When we go together with our parents when we are little children to visit our relatives and friends, we do not like the dishes that are served.
mother cooking

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Food experts have a list of products that you need to forget that they exist:

1. Cured meat products contain many salts, nitrates and preservatives, whose origin is unknown!
meat products
2. Ready-made salad dressings contain chemicals and additives and various preservatives that are listed nowhere. It is best to use a dressing of olive oil, vinegar and aromatic spices over the fresh salad. ...continue reading

Istanbul !
istanbulIstanbul, the city that connects Europe and Asia, the bridge between East and West, embraces you with its fragrances and sea air and you are forever in its soul. Once being there, everyone comes back regularly again, because he feels like being at home! In the streets they give you cookies to try, and they are always polite and smiling! ...continue reading

People who have their breakfast every day for 15 minutes after they have woken up have the biggest chance to lose their weight successfully. The scientists who followed the relation between the breakfast and weight loss proved: to have breakfast with food of about 600 calories and to have lunch and dinner up to 300 calories is the ideal plan for weight loss.A healthy breakfast means low fat proteins, cereals and fruit ( milk, banana, honey, cereals and nuts, almonds or dried cranberries).

Breakfast Cereals

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The love story that began in 1991 while they were driving his scooter still runs.
“Corinna is my inspiration, she keeps me young and fit”, these are the words of the seven-time Formula 1 champion, Michael Schumacher.
Corina and Michael
A happy marriage, two children ... Everybody knows that he nearly fainted out of excitement when their daughter Gina Maria was born. Since 2008 they live on the property beside the Geneva Lake in a luxurious house, with a special room for his trophies, a garage for 29 cars, a private port, helidrom. For the tenth anniversary of their marriage Michael gave her a CS ranch, where Corinna breeds horses and gets trained in the western riding discipline. In 2010 she became a European champion in this sport. On the ranch they have 40 high quality horses, each worth at least 100,000 euros and they feed them with hay imported from Italy. On the ranch they have a private arena to hold competitions with stands for 1400 spectators. ...continue reading

If you are late or you are in pursuit of your career, the alarm clock rings, there is no time to hesitate, it’s now or never! Career, advanced education, running for loans for an apartment, spending money on expensive trips and branded clothes and Oops! Some other girls are young and ready to become mothers, or even to turn your perfect husband into a happy father!

Provense ,  valley of sunflowers and lavender fields, endless vineyards, spiced with an odour of aromatic oils and smell of French food.


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If you are in doubt what you want from the life, visit Paris for the weekend, discover the city and you will know what world you live in.

Paris, the City of Light, invites you to love long walks in the Versailles gardens and the famous Versailles Palace, the last residence of the French kings.
versailles garden
Visit the Louvre, the richest museum in the world, wink at Mona Lisa and apologize because you are in a hurry.
the louvre museum

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