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Venice gondola

Thousands of couples from around the world in February participate in the Venetian masquerade ball which takes place all over the city. Thousands of people in costumes parade through the city wanting to experience the beauty of the past.  ...continue reading

He is very affectionate, frisky and so much famous. Although known as the co-founder of Kiss, in his youth he was successful in everything he was engaged in: fashion, publishing and even acting until 2012 in the realityshow TV Show Gene Simmons Family Jewels.

Raised only by his mother, he always manages to show love for his partner and his children, without reservation. In his case it shows in every action in the life, watching him in the the events of humanitarian nature, in private life

kiss Gene Simmons

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The designers of Valentino, Maria Grazia  and Pierpaolo Piccioli, prepared 55 fashion designs inspired by 55 operas. The opening was in the Verdi's La Traviata and a gown in the color of parchment and embroidered with a black thread. ''
Valentino 2014
The idea was to present the protagonists of the operas in an original way”, said the designers - a true invasion of wildlife, swan, elephant, gorilla with its baby, not painted, but embedded in the fabrics of the Kashmiri materials, a satin tiger etc.

Compulsory use of agents with protection against UVA and UVB rays with a high SPF!

 The sun protection is needed, not only in summertime but also during daily walks from home to work, walks in the afternoons, actually all the time while you are out.
walking on the beach
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woman cryingl say: Yes!

I will tell you “No, you did not”, because you wanted it to happen! You believed that something like that would happen, you believed in the loss!
Your subconscious mind made your wish came true and it released you from things that bothered you in your life or they did not belong to you in the real sense of the word!

woman sad face

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